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Kashmir hosts Renowned Iranian Sunni Islamic scholars for the first time

Kashmir hosts Renowned Iranian Sunni Islamic scholars for the first time

Ehsaas International an international social organization hosted the collaborative delegation of Shia and Sunni Islamic scholars of Islamic Republic of Iran. The delegation was hosted with a grand conference titled “Bridging the Gap” at Institute of hotel management Srinagar. The conference organized by Ehsaas International, was attended by leading Shia-Sunni intellectuals of Kashmir valley.

The conference with the theme and slogan “Bridging the Gap” was set to inculcate the idea of being together with similarities and differences and highlight the culture of brotherhood and fraternity.

GR Sofi  VC J&K Waqf board former Chief Information Commissioner J&K  welcomed the guests with inaugural speech.

Chief Guest of the event, Justice (retired) Muzaffar Hussain Attar said there is a need for such initiatives in the future and it can act as the bridge between the two communities. “Muslims have failed to clear confusions of their own community as they lack unity.

The guest of honor Sunni scholar of Islamic Republic of Iran Sheikh Ramin Gourchaei adorned the conference adding  “I found the people of Kashmir able of being united, faithful,  and more Islamic. Unity is not difficult thing here. It is heavenly gift from almighty Allah. And I saw the people of Kashmir enjoying this gift. The fruits of unity are visible in Iran. That’s only unity and religious harmony that made Iran strong and we all must accomplish it. Enemies are not scared of any weapon. They are technically more powerful than us but what scares them is unity at first”.

It’s more obligatory to mention that Kashmir valley witnessed the visit of Sunni Iranian scholars for the very first time. The first visit of the Sunni scholars has deepened and strengthened the roots of unity  in the valley. Sheikh Mehdi Misaydi an Iranian Shia scholar adds.

“We must be with the vision of unity in humanity. But unfortunately we are unable to be united among ourselves. What to speak of intra religious unity? People believe if we get united with one another we have to surrender our basic beliefs and fundamentals. But it’s all reverse. Unity is not to surrender or shun our basics but living with them accompanying other sects as well”.

Other speakers also urged that there is a need for unity between the two communities. Speakers who spoke on the occasion including Advocate Altaf Hussain Khan,  Shakeel Qalander, Kifayat Hussain Rizvi,  Zaheer-ud-din, Bashir Nadvi, Dr Syed Masuma Rizvi, Ishfaq Bukhari. The Event was moderated by Syed Tabasum Geelani  Chairman of Ehsaas International and Shakeel Maqbool.
The conference was culminated with the analytical debate and discussion  between Kashmiri scholars and intellectuals and Iranian Sunni and Shia scholars on hindrances in the way of Unity. The delegation visited many cities of the valley and addressed the people collectively of Shias and Sunnis. Pleasantly inculcated the spirit of unity and brotherhood in people.  In coordination both delegation pledged to keep no stone unturned in seeding and harvesting the fruits of unity, said, Hakim Mohammad Ilyas General Secretary of Ehsaas International.