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Ehsaas to help the deprived families in Gaza strip of Palestine on the eve of Eid-ul-Fiter

As we all know, Gaza is going through its hardest days, and our Palestinian brothers and sisters are in a difficult situation.
-The fierce economic barriers
-20-hour power-cut a day
-Lack of drinking-water
-30,000 injured (in year 2018-19); many of whom became amputees
-More than 5,000 displaced families (homeless) whose homes have been destroyed by Israeli missile strikes
-About 3,000 orphans

Our international partners, Unified Ummah from Iran SOL ID from Italy has joined together to reach out to victims by providing Food shelter and Eid gifts to kids. We at Ehsaas International decided to provide Eid Gifts
Gaza needs help from all of us. Join us to help the deprived families in Gaza.