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Ehsaas Signs MoU with Zakaat Foundation

Ehsaas Signs MoU with Zakaat Foundation

Alhamdulillaha, Ehsaas trust has signed an MOU with Zakat Foundation of India for our long pending dream project “Hamdan” for revival of pashmina craft for Kashmir valley. The project is aimed to rehabilitate spinner women and Weavers and at the same time revive the dieing pashmina craft in the valley. It is also an initiative to promote genuine Kashmir pashmina against the fake acrylic shawls sold in the name of Kashmir pashmina.
insha’Allah similar projects are in pipeline for carpet and crewel art which also will be carried out in association with Zakat Foundation of India.

Today an MOU for this project was signed at Delhi office of Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood, president ZFI.

I am highly thankful to dear Hakim Ilyas Sb, General Secretary of Ehsaas for taking pains to go down to Delhi for signing of project while as I myself had to drop travel at last moment due to some unavoidable situation. Thanks is also due to dear brother Ruhullah Rizvi sb who accompanied is to Delhi for the cause.

Lastly thanks and gratitude to ZFI for collaborating with us for the project. We are sure this relation will go long and far for sake of Allah and His pleasure.