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Ehsaas gear-up to help Flood Victims of Iran

It is the 3rd week that Iran is challenging with flood crisis and half of the country is submerged. More than 100 people died sofar and damages of infrastructure worth billions.We at Ehsaas International believe that humanity is not limited by borders nor by affordability. Its all about EHSAAS/care and respect for human beings and human values. In the need of the hour we used to reach different corners of the world and participated in whatsoever means From Palestine to Yemen, Chennai to Muzaffar Nagar UP,  Nepal to Kerala etc.

Although whole Iran is now united to confront the flood crisis, this does not undermine from the Islamic and humanitarian responsibilities of us to contribute as much as we can afford for the flood stricken people of Iran.

Implementation: We have associated with Enfaagh charity of International Union of Unified Ummah, based in Tehran. Volunteer Support will be provided Kashmiri MBBS students of Tehran University of Medical Science and Shiraz University of Medical Science on behalf of Ehsaas International.  We at Ehsaas believe that any contribution of any level has a great and powerful message, message of unity specifically between Iran and Kashmir known as Iran-e Sagheer!

Donate Generously for the cause in below given account numbers

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JKBANK  A/C NO: 0440010100000757
Ehsaas Trust International 

HDFC A/C NO: 50200024222713
IFSC : HDFC0002539