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E-Commerce Website launched

Dear Ehsaanians.

In regard to project Hamdan about rehabilitation of Pashmina artisans ace revival of Pashmina craft, we have started an e-commerce website where we shall be selling products that we have manufactured by giving capital cost to Pashmina artisans.

These artisans are Govt of India certified artisans who weave pure and genuine Pashmina.

Our every product manufactured is 100 guaranteed pure and genuine Pashmina that’s is certified by Govt by putting GI Mark stamp on every product.

Help us to revive this dying art that was once instrumental in shaping our economy and glory. Let’s not buy and let others but a fake non-kashmir shawls in the name of Kashmir shawl.

Let’s give due credit to our artisans who burn sight of their eyes to manufacture Pashmina shawls but don’t get their due bcz of fake product.

Every penny of profit earned by selling these shawls will go to artisans who have put efforts in making these shawls.

Here is our e-commerce website:-


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Thanks all