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Awareness programme on Drug abuse held at Excel institute, parrypora and Shah Hamdan Institute ,Bemina, Srinagar

Ehsaas international, in collaboration with Arnimal institute for rehabilitation- founded by Kalpana Tikku( a Delhi based organisation) conducted the first leg of the awareness programme on drug abuser titled ” Substance abuse among young adults. Roles and responsibilities.” The programme was initiated today and covered two leading educational institutions , Excel institutitu of performance in Parraypora and Shah Hamdan Educational institute in Bemina, Srinagar.
The programme was focused to apprise the Students about substance abuse , its symptoms and causes; and the accountabilities thereof to beat the menace of drug addiction.

The programme was attended by a good number of students and the faculty members at the respective institutions ,whose good cooperation showed the mutual solidarity in the fight against Drug addiction menace.

The main objective of the plan of action was to sansitize the participants about the menace of substance abuse and its deterimental effects on our society as a whole.

The two widely-known organisations comprised of distinguished educationists took the task to execute this altruistic project , demonstrated an imposing presentation on the subject matter of Substance abuse. They apprised the participants , mostly students, about the harmful effects of drug abuse, and the we all in collaboration should take to eradicate the menace.

Significantly , The experts from the combine during the programme threw light on the causes , Symptoms and treatments of drug abuse. They else sansitized them about the precautionary measures to avoid drug addiction.
The speakers on the occasion expected the teachers to organise such awareness programme ,so that people are aware of the inimical issue ,and to take cognizance of such illicit drugs prevalent in our society.

It is pertinent to mention that the duo educational entities received a regal welcome at both the institutes ,feted by the teachers there as their aim to combat drug menace engulfing our society.