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AIU Malaysian University offers scholarship for Kashmiri underprivileged students

Last date 31-May-2019
Albukhary International University (AIU) is a private nonprofit education institution, a fully residential campus with state- of-the-art facilities is seeking applications for admissions from deserving students to further their study at AIU under its Scholarship program.
The applications are through online via
We at Ehsaas International in association with RAHIM GREENS KASHMIR feel pleasure in supporting the highly capable and qualified students by voluntarily helping AIU ,Malaysia in reaching out to the deserving students from this area. Our role is to become a type of bridge between AIU and aspiring students of this place.
You can get the detailed information about the intake of deserveing under priviledged students at AIU We encourage students to directly apply online on AIU admission portal and they can use our reference/recommendation as far as their socio-economic conditions are concerned.
Once application filled drop your details on whatsap on #Ehsaas_Helpline_9419001531