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YemenNotAlone campaign- Targets Achieved

Thanks to all for supporting YemenNotAlone campaign – Phase 2.

Alhamdulillaha we achieved the target of 10,000 Euros in just 3 weeks.

A bunch of thanks goes to all of you who support us always..

A Short financial report of the 1st crowd funding project of YemenNotAlone campaign:

⏰Start of Fundraising: October 14, 2018
⌛End of the Fundraising: November 3, 2018

💶Total amount collected: 5666 Euro
✂Total transaction cost: 450 Euro (8%)

🎁Total amount received by Al-Basaer charitable foundation in San’a Yemen: 5,216 Euro

⛔Note: Due to critical economic situation of Yemen, The Euro – Yemeni Riyal is not balanced and the
average for this project was: 1 Euro=588 Yemeni Riyal

🚚Distribution areas:
Amanat Al-Asemah: 102 babies
Mohafiza San’a: 92 babies

🤱🏿Total Number: 194 babies

📌Each baby received 5 cans of powdered milk

🆘Keep helping the Yemeni infants by joining our 2nd crowdfunding project: