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Beneficiary Stories

Masters in Journalism
Aligarh Muslim University

The education system in Kashmir doesn’t work like any other state of India. Every other day it’s a bandh (shut down) in the valley which has badly affected the education system. Kashmir is rich in resources and the tourism sector has made progress by leaps and bounds, but the education remains the primary concern for all the students as well as the parents of Kashmir. There are many NGO’s and organizations working for the progress of education in the valley. One among them is Ehsaas trust international that works for the upliftment of the marginalized sector and supports the education of underprivileged children in the valley. They conduct workshops in far-flung villages and encourage the children and the youth as to how education can be a benefit towards a society. Ehsaas considers education to be the primary imperative in the empowerment and development of individuals, institutions, and communities.
Mubashir, 25 years old, says it was Ehsaas trust that helped me at a time when there was less hope left. I had lost it all and I was about to quit studies and find a job that would help me run my family. At the age of 19 I lost my father and at the age of 21, I lost my grandfather; both being the victims of cancer. My mother is a strong woman, she worked hard and she did all what she could for us to help us reach ours goals. After I had completed my graduation in computer sciences, I wanted to pursue a career in media but I was unsure as of how I was going to finally achieve what I had dream it of. After a lot of research, I was unsure as of what to do. Therefore, I decided to quit studies and find a job and support my family. It’s not very easy to find a job in Kashmir so I started approaching people that I knew.
And it was in that time when a senior started asking questions about my career. I was asking him the favour of finding me a job. He suggested me to go and meet the people of Ehsaas trust and that meeting changed my life and my attitude towards my career. They encouraged me to apply for the different universities and helped me to find the right path. In 2016, I bagged a seat in Mass Communication at Aligarh Muslim University. I was joyous and so were the members of Ehsaas trust. I was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm that these team members possess. They not only helped me with the scholarship but my younger brother too was benefitted with the help of these people. The more a person is exposed to a wide pattern of experiences, the more opportunities he has to assimilate.
This story is one among the many that Ehsaas trust has helped and encouraged to further their studies. Their vision and mission are to educate those who are not capable of achieving higher education.

Bachlors in Law (LLB)
University of Kashmir

It’s difficult to hold on to hope during the distressing times, the hope of becoming something. If the winds of luck don’t favour you for a certain period of time, you begin cursing your life. That is what happened to me. I live in a small village and I belong to a lower middle-class family. I haven’t attended any sophisticated schools. A time came in my life when I was emotionally shattered. After completing my high school from a government higher secondary, I began to look for opportunities as I had to build a career. My parents were ill and their health was a major issue for me because being an elder I had the responsibility to look after them. When an elder in our home falls ill the uncertainty that befalls us is unimaginable. I was yet to decide what to choose as my career option, I needed guidance and exposure but the ailing condition of my parents made me think that I should quit! I had a very poor background, the economic conditions in my home weren’t favourable for me to choose an option that demanded more money. So, with a heavy heart, I decided to quit studies and explore work opportunities to support my family. But what could possibly a high school pass out do other than labouring.
Despite working for a couple of months tirelessly as a daily wage labourer I wasn’t able to save any of my earnings. I had no helping hand or background support as my father wasn’t in a condition to work anymore. So, there I lost the last ray of hope of dreaming. During this hard time, the thought that most struck me was, ‘how to earn more money’. But, deep down somewhere the strive for education wasn’t lost in me, I was still searching for opportunities. After working for six months, one day a relative of mine told me to call someone that could help me to resume my studies. As soon as I reached home, I dialled up the number and talked to the person my relative had told me. He was very humble and polite and he gave me an address to go and talk to them in person. They were some good Samaritans who were not supporting the education only but helping the needy families too. Their social work, leadership qualities and good behaviour were very impressive. I narrated my whole story to them to which they were sorry for not reaching out early to me. They gave me a ray of hope and told me not to worry anymore. They gave me guidance and they started paying the expenses of my family. I was overwhelmed and emotional as this was an unimaginable opportunity for me and I didn’t want to lose this chance. With their counselling and support, I applied in Kashmir university for LLB and I cracked the entrance exam in the first attempt.
It was after a year of their support and guidance I joined them and started raising the social issues. I started working as a freelancer and earned some money for myself too. This gave me exposure and wisdom and to think about these social issues that go unaddressed and unnoticed.