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“Campaign Yemen Not Alone”

If we consider Yemen’s population as 100:
80 people are in need of vital aids

58 people have no access to healthy water
52 people have no access to hygiene facilities
11 people suffer from severe malnutrition
But Yemen’s population is not 100; Yemen has 27 million people
The humanitarian disaster in #Yemen is far more horrifying than can be imagined.Severe siege on Yemen by the barbaric and atrocious Saudi regime has made it very difficult and restricted for humanitarian aids to reach Yemen.

The “#YemenNotAlone” campaign comprises of young activists from #India#Italy#Britain, #Yemen, etc. and aims to help Yemeni children suffering from early stages of malnutrition. It makes efforts to prevent severe malnutrition of a number of these children. The number of children who are now on the verge of malnutrition stands at 5,200,000– which is a shocking number. Yemen is seriously on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.

At its first stage, this campaign managed to– thanks to your humanitarian helps– raise 5000 euros in only 6 days. According to primary field studies by this campaign, infant milk powder enriched with vitamins– which can help children at the early stages of malnutrition– costs 5 euros per can. Thus, with 5000 euros, 250 infants can be fed for a month.

It needs to be mentioned that these cans of powdered milk are sent to Yemen through other countries, however, due to economic siege on Yemen and the consequent fall of the value of Yemen’s currency, 5 euros per can is a very high price that cannot be afforded by many. Hence, this campaign is aimed at providing the money to buy these infant milk powders.

Due to severe economic siege on Yemen, transferring money has turned into a very complicated process, but thanks be to God, through negotiations, the path has been opened to transferring money to the Yemeni charity that distributes the powdered milk.

The second phase of the campaign “Yemen not alone” has set a goal of raising 10,000 euros and tries to provide 500 Yemeni infants with food. Please donate 5 euros to save one Yemeni infant for one week.

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